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Forex Trading Explained

Now a full forex trading course
with additional explanatory trading lessons on how to implement this proven winning forex trading strategy in your own trading account!

FIRST BWILC 2004 “told it like it is”

I wrote Bird Watching in Lion Country – Forex Trading Explained back in 2004 for two reasons:

1. Because people wanted an answer why they were struggling so much with something that sounded so easy?

2. Because people wanted to know what I did different from the other “gurus” as far as my trading strategy / system goes?

Bird Watching in Lion Country quickly became one of the most talked about Forex topics.

Why does forex trading sound so easy?

Here’s why: Absolutely everybody in the business involved with individual own account forex trading (forex brokers and their hordes of marketers, affiliate marketers, introducing brokers and providers of all sorts of information and educational services to forex brokers) has an incentive to make it sound easy to prospective traders in order for their business model to succeed. For them to make money, wannabe forex traders must think it is an easy and fast way to make money themselves.

Traders are told it is easy and fast
to make a lot of money with little money!

Why, you may think is this “too good to be true” claim so believable? It is so believable because forex trading became a big business for professional online marketers.

It is simply a historical fact of the development of the Internet as entrepreneurial domain that online forex trading by individuals and “making money online” by any individual, anywhere in the world, without specialist knowledge in any subject went hand-in-hand during the first decade of the 21st century.

As a result thousands of online entrepreneurs with no practical or meaningful knowledge of making money with forex trading began to promote forex trading! This obviously had some devastating snowballing consequences. After a few years it all sounded so easy, who would not want to try to make a lot of money with little money?

So, why are traders struggling so much
(to make a lot of money with little money)?

Apart from the obvious that such claims usually understate difficulty and overstate potential and thus are (in hindsight) usually “too good to be true”, there were other reasons specifically related to forex trading. Some of them are:

Leverage: Simply put leverage is in trading the ability and right to trade with more money than what you have. Give this principle to a professional Internet marketer and what jumps out is a strong believe that “I can make a heap of money with very little money to start with”! The down side of leverage never made it to traders’ collective consciousness. So, oblivious to the dangers of losing money, actually a little faster, than making money with leverage, wannabe traders lost a lot of money a little bit at a time, in stead of making lots of money with little money.

Money psychology: Long before there was an abundance of online forex trading systems, traded by millions of individuals, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahnemann and Amos Tverski did the research to show how rational individuals act quite irrationally when it comes to matters of making or losing money. Again, and unfortunately, professional Internet marketers who are well aware of these matters simply turned into a pot of gold for their clients. The operative word? “Stop loss”

“My trade always go in my favour just after it hit my stop!” How many times have you thought or said that, or heard or read someone else say that? Clearly there is a problem. Yet, trading systems are promoted as the all in solution, not only with this flaw but with this flaw amplified! Then traders wonder why they still struggle so much?

Uncertainty: It sounds so simple. “I am sure!” Well, in trading there is no certainties! None. Nadda. Zilch. Never. And that is a big problem. Uncertainty as an experience cause havoc in human brains, emotions, and lives. Trading is unfortunately an ongoing fight with uncertainty. To chose to be a trader is to chose to be at war with uncertainty.

Internet marketers (“marketing wizards” in BWILC 2010 language) change this existential problem into something as simple as “I’l teach you how to make pinpoint trade entries and exits”. And the main catch phrase: “Learn how to become consistently successful”. I’ll show you how to make consistent profits with forex trading. You see, the term “consistent (outcomes) / consistency” propose a solution for the existential problem of all trading all real traders live with : uncertainty!

There is only one problem: This type of idealistic “consistent profits” is a mirage (aka BS). If you want consistent, put your money in the bank for monthly interest. (Unfortunately no leverage available. Leverage and consistency are not bed fellows.)

Pierre says: November 4, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Thanks Dirk. With your approach in BWILC you have given me the confidence I needed. The methodology and logic is such that one does not need to search elsewhere for that map to the treasure. BWILC has given it to me. After reading and rereading BWILC, the fx market is no longer a maze but a zone where one can comfortably walk without fear of an angry lion.

Regarding the question what I did differently:

I did absolutely everything yltnereffid.

  • Pinpoint entry & exits left me cold
  • Couldn’t care less about high leverage
  • Wasn’t impressed by narrow spreads
  • Trading psychology! Give me a break!
  • Close stops? = Run losses up!
  • Scoffed at news trading
  • Fixed / Variable spreads? Who cares?
  • Which ‘platform’ / broker? Irrelevant really
  • Risk : reward ratio 3:1 – Be my guest!
  • Unemotional trading? Bull sh*t!

The Proof is in the Pudding

FX Street Trader of the Year 2007

#1 & #2 WINNERS were Bird Watchers!

FX Street Trader of the Year 2009

The winner, Martin, a Bird Watcher!

THEN BWILC 2010 “told it even more like it is”

  • That you need to make a BIG change in your approach
  • Explains the 4×1 (4 by 1) strategy better
  • Demonstrates the power of relational analysis
  • How you are being duped by marketing wizards
  • Proof that you can make money with low leverage
  • Proof that you don’t need fancy risk:reward ratios
  • Explain the truth about stop losses

FX Street Trader of the Year 2010

1st and 4th and 5th and 6th – Bird Watchers!

Bird Watching in Lion Country – Forex Trading Explained” was nominated in the “Best Book” category of FXStreets’ Forex Best Awards 2011

  • how to run a personal forex trading business
  • more than 100 additional pages (total page count now 340)
  • the latest tricks of marketing wizards,
  • the impact of regulatory changes worldwide,
  • the effects of the credit crunch on the median trading methodology
  • an additional Part 5 with substantial more detail
  • how to construct and adjust median grids
  • how to properly consider risk management
  • how to apply multiple entry trading in diverse markets
  • how to integrate relational analysis in the 4×1 strategy
  • real-time as possible relational analysis case study
  • an Appendix “One year of 4×1 trading”
  • Appendix includes relational analysis guidelines
  • Appendix includes trade-by-trade track record

Based on the experiences and input of hundreds of readers and personal Forex mentoring clients, I have gained a wealth of new insights about how to explain my low-risk Forex trading strategy to rank beginners with no trading experience and those perpetual strugglers caught up in the losers paradigm.


A fully fledged forex trading course
with twenty additional explanatory trading lessons on how to implement this proven winning forex trading strategy in your own trading account!

  • Bird Watching in Lion Country 2010 eBook
  • BWILC 2010 is comprehensive and complete. To this day and for years to come it is and will be the primary source document for all training, coaching and mentoring I offer to a global audience of forex traders.
  • 20 detailed explanatory trading lessons via email
  • With many personal trading clients I have a ongoing “training lab” and can I test different aspect of training in real time with real clients and direct feedback. BWILC 2010 contains a lot of detail but there are still gaps between “theory” and “practice”, between “a book” and “a training course”. These lessons fill that gap! For many BWILC 2010 is a training course in own right. Now it will be that for absolutely everybody!
  • Option to subscribe to real-time analysis
  • Technical analysis has severe limitations if left in the hands of a beginner as only analysis method of the forex market. Fundamental analysis also has severe limitations and is tough to apply in short term forex trading. BWILC however introduces RELATIONAL ANALYSIS which was a brand new concept when initially introduced. It can also be called REAL TIME ANALYSIS which inherently points to the problem in all teaching of any market analysis: If it isn’t real-time it is flawed.
  • Option for personal (online) mentoring
  • The detailed trading lessons of the BWILC 2013 Forex Trading Course have been developed over the years for my personal mentoring clients. Mentoring however is much more than training or providing knowledge / giving lessons. This course will empower you to benefit optimally from follow-up personal mentoring. Anything from three months to achieve certain targeted goals or up to being a life-long client like many others.

Bird Watching in Lion Country 2013 -
Forex Trading Course

Only $69


20 explanatory emailed lessons will be auto delivered over an one month period after double opt-in permission based subscription.

Systemtrader says: April 25, 2010 at 1:11 am

Hi Dirk I’m a BWILC Trader in Germany. I trade the method three years since
and now I’m profitably and have a website for many German BWILC Traders.

Your work is incredibly good thanks

“I’m Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is And Offering You A ‘No Questions Asked’ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…”

That’s right!

I am so sure that you will benefit from my BWILC 2013 Forex Trading Course that I am offering an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with what you get, simply let me know within 60 days and your money will be refunded.

The burden to deliver a satisfying learning experience to you is entirely on me!


Dirk du Toit

BWILC 2010 has consistently received rave testimonials all over the Forex trading space. here are a few from satisfied clients.

NH365 says: November 8, 2010 at 6:47 pm

For five years I tried everything. I lost a lot of money in the market and even more money on useless educators and their expensive materials. I was on the verge of giving up when I took one last shot with BWILC. To say the book spoke to me would be an understatement.

As I read the material, I believed I had found the answers I sought.

In our personal histories, there are three, maybe four
or five teachers, who fundamentally change our lives.

For me, Dirk is one of those people.

Ace says: May 22, 2010 at 5:15 am

For me, after 2 years of trying extremely hard to make a go at learning to trade forex in a consistent and profitable manner, the time had arrived to step back and take a good hard look at why I wasn’t being successful.

BWILC has really helped me in this analysis by providing a different perspective to trading forex, and whilst it is early days for me in the BWILC journey – I feel it is providing a solid foundation upon which I am slowly re-building my trading approach.

If like me you have invested in other books, systems, indicators from the internet – investing in BWILC is head and shoulders above anything I have come across – and well worth a look.

Neil S. says: September 15, 2010 at 5:28 am

I really wish that I had found BWILC before I started trading in the Forex market. I could have saved myself a lot of time and MONEY! Dirk explains in great detail of the importance of how we must first have the proper perspective and balance of who we are and how we view the market in order to be a successful trader. His teaching about the true randomness of the market, why it is so important to understand it, to embrace it as being a crucial element to lasting long term in your career, is excellent!
I highly recommend the book and all of Dirk’s teaching if you want to be serious and trade Forex successfully for years to come.

Borut says: June 20, 2010 at 10:20 pm

I started trading in 2006 in I came across BWILC in 2008, reading was real fun and I found there many important information, but although everything in the book seemed right I went on with my old trading style. After I finished reading the book I knew that some day I will trade the BWILC way – perhaps I was not ready then, so in 2010 I’m back, I joined the authors mentoring program.
After many trading strategies and systems I tried (only technical approach) I reviewed my trading results and decided to fully dedicate my trading time to the BWILC strategy.

fariz says: June 22, 2010 at 5:39 pm

I used to trade with high amount of stress, due to unrealistic expectations ie Instant gratification (which usually means instant loses) as well as not really knowing what i am doing.

But by just reading BWILC it sure helped clear things out. It teaches the ‘right’ way to trade, or at least how to survive the dangerous FX markets, and made me realise how to trade with little or no stress, which to me is very valuable.

Ian Stanley says: February 5, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Although I had spent a lot of time trying out the multitude of technical systems and advice available to me on the web I was fortunate enough to not lose too much money before I came across BWILC by Dirk Du Toit. This book has given me a valuable insight as to the reason why the systems that most seem to follow just did not work for me. I was so impressed and intrigued by the book that I signed up for Dirk’s personal mentorship program.

Malcolm Hart says: January 4, 2011 at 2:08 am

This book has been the biggest revelation I have come across in regards to the forex market. Beware, there is NO other system or programme I have come across out there that seems to GET the forex market in quite the same way. Everyone speaks about timing, technical indicators and the such even to the extent of the so called professionals at Daily Forex that at times contradict their own outlooks and will within the space of hours totally change their views and recommendations!!!

I know that unless I change my own brain I will lose my money. This has become very evident to me with the struggles of my own dear friends!
• My Uncle that is a brilliant Mathematician and has wonderful technical indicators yet just can’t make money. In 3 years his account has gone from $10,000 to trying to get back above $500.
• My Cousin that spent 5 years of his life staying up till 3 in the morning only to give up in disgust after making nothing and him also having a close friend that spent 5 years and thousands on Forex and coaching, and also making zero, zilch! (He has really given me the ‘Raspberries’ for daring to try the Forex market and threaten to lose money that my family needs!)

These guys just don’t ‘Get It’ that what they really needed to do was stop doing what the 90% of losers do and do what the 10% do. We really are treading a thin line here and are in dangerous country. This is like my Boy does in going off to Afghanistan and patrolling war country. We MUST tread carefully or risk getting limbs blown off. It is that dangerous!

BWILC has been the best catalyst that I have come across in convincing me that I need to change my thinking if I am to succeed in this. (And succeed I will!!!!!)

Paulo Oliveira says: October 21, 2010 at 12:36 pm

In my short trading career (18 months) I started like most people do, loading up indicators, use of high leverage and tight stops (never risk more than 2% of your account on any trade – I have lost count on how many times I read this sentence on all the forex trading books I came across).

After six months of demo trading with mixed success I decided to open a live account.

In demo you can follow the rules and be very detached from your trades, but when it comes to the real thing you embark on an emotional roller coaster.

Thankfully after two months of live trading I made a wise decision to stop trading. I would finish most days emotionally drained. I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to make money on a consistent basis trading like this, let alone the toll on my mental health.

I had just about decided to quit when something remarkable happened.

BWILC: Reading the book was like a breath of fresh air.

The entire different approach to the forex market made so much sense to me, it was a new perspective that I had never came across before in all the 20 + trading books I read.

The concept of randomness in the markets, trading only one pair, multiple entries, cost averaging, low leverage, cut your profits short, let your losses run and a median grid working base backed up by fundamentals and relational analysis just won me over.

I would like to thank Dirk for keeping the dream alive.

Andrey Kerbabin says: March 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm

BWILC 2010 is a good book to start forex trading either with or without any practical experience. Dangerous forex jungles hide accidental creatures and meeting with those one should be prepared. The book teaches fundamental view on forex trading, trading edges and market analysis. Going farther the mentoring programme gives practical experience with the market using described principles and owning discretion in decision making.

Bill, Australia says: February 26, 2010 at 12:07 am

Dirk has an excellent progam looking at the whole depth and breadth of forex and the forex markets.

If you have come to forex trading with a traditioal technical analysis approach and have found it doesn’t work, you probably need to change your whole way of thinking about the way you trade.

Dirk’s mentorship will help you do this but be prepared to radically change the way you think about the markets.

I thoroughly recommend BWILC

Helen says: October 25, 2010 at 1:15 pm

The biggest insight that BWILC has given me is the stupidity of trading with tight stops and trying to catch reversals, rather than just going with the trend and making gradual profits.

Seth Berrin says: January 6, 2010 at 3:21 am

Hi Dirk, just received your new version of BWILC. I did enjoy the original version and took a lot of your advice the first time around. Have been trading for almost 5 years (part time) and have been profitable in my 3rd, 4th and 5th years. Learned some hard rules along the way and blew up a few accounts but have been steady since reading your first version. Looking forward to digging in to the new copy. Will keep you posted as I get further into your new e book. regards, Seth

Roland Jacobi says: October 6, 2010 at 5:10 am

BWLIC for me provides a comprehensive approach to trading, It teaches a skill that can be learned and is useful in developing a profitable business through patience and persistence and by using my own brain.
I can trade with a grater degree of confidence and I don’t live in the fear of loosing my account. I learn to accept the fact that some level of loss is acceptable. I can and will live for another day of trading.

Nick Quinn says: July 17, 2010 at 10:51 pm

This is the best book about trading I have read so far. After 2 years demo trading and 6 months of real money, when I started reading BWILC I couldn’t quite believe just how accurately Dirk describes exactly what I have been going through and what it feels like to trade for real and not fully understand why it isn’t working, yet you feel like it should, simply because we are all fully rounded intelligent human beings!

I’ve been through the mill a few times already and this is the first time that I can honestly say I feel like someone is telling me the truth. It is possible, but its just very very hard work!

Hope to study this book some more….

thanks for being honest! It makes a refreshing change.